Kayla leads a team of producers, videographers, artists, and editors in telling the stories of communities around the world.


When she's not working on that, she dances salsa, studies literature, and is currently producing a documentary film about women's fashion in Tajikistan. 

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Kayla Kim 

Parth leads our project to fund and support community improvement projects around the world. 

When he's not working on that, he plays the piano, hangs out with friends, and reads about development in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

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Parth Ahya 

Bethany works on telling the stories of communities as a photographer and videographer. 

When she's not working on that, she runs a women's safety startup in Uganda, studies anthropology, and photographs nature. 

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Bethany Plant


Margo leads the media team, utilizing the wonders of social media to connect the world with the work we do in organizing and storytelling. 

When she's not working on that, Margo learns Chinese, studies history, and leads a media campaign to get Oxford University to divest its $1 billion endowment from fossil fuels, 

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Margo Bondarchuk


Joseph works with our storytelling team, doing outreach with communities and identifying interesting stories to tell. 

When he's not doing that, Joseph does anthropological research in South Africa, plays the bass guitar, and promotes beers from his hometown of Sheffield, which he attests are "the best."

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Joseph Uhlar


Duck helps us decide many things. 

Duck does not take emails. 



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