Human Circles is all about building community.  ​


We are students, teachers, artists, activists, old and young, and we're all about promoting community.

​​Firstly, we document and share the stories of different communities in the world, from India to Ukraine.


Secondly, we are funding and supporting democratic, locally-led community projects in communities around the world. Learn more about that here. 

In the past fifty years, we have gotten increased efficiency and access to information, but, despite the rise of technology which, in numerous ways, claims to connect us, a great number of people feel disconnected and unappreciated. Our goal is to change that. 


Why Community? 

Why do we do the things we do? Why do we work hard? Why do we set goals? Why do we wake up every morning and leave the comfort of our beds to engage with the vicissitudes of life? I have a hypothesis: for each other.


As social animals, who evolved in small hunting groups on the African savanna, we have an innate need for social bonding and validation. I think, whether you are a high-flying banker, a farmer, a business person, or a student, this is ultimately why you do things -- for connection with and appreciation from your peers.

Yet, modern life is hostile to our need for each other.   


60% of humans will live in cities. Yet, those who currently live in cities experience disproportionately higher rates, of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. This is especially threatening in less developed countries where rural residents are displaced by the concentration of economic opportunities in large cities. 

Social media was sold to people with the promise of connection, but numerous psychological studies show it doing the opposite. 

In the developed world, suburbanization, SUVs, and a nearly 10x increase in gated communities represent the fear that has replaced a void that might otherwise be filled by trust and love of neighbor. 

The solution is community.            


Community is a way of living which acknowledges our need for each other. It is an acknowledgement that wealth, efficiency, and achievement are only instruments for what really matters: love, friendship, and fulfillment. It is engagement, personally with one's neighbors and civically with the broader, national and global communities we inhabit. That's what we stand for.



Parth Ahya 

Founder and President, Human Circles


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